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by Brandon from Fort Wayne

Lecrae Moore (
Lecrae Moore (

In the year 2008 there was a new world record for teen deaths in a country for a total year. Can you guess what country it was? It was the United States, with teen deaths exceeding 1,000 teens. This may seem like not that much with hundreds of thousands of teens going to school these days but sad thing is all these deaths are preventable. The main cause of these deaths is drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol contribute to 80% of total teen deaths (including car accidents) that can be avoided. I am strongly against drugs and alcohol and so is my role model Lecrae Moore, a Christian singer/rapper from Houston, Texas.

If you think death is all that comes from drugs and alcohol you're wrong. Over 10,000 babies are born accidental in a year in the U.S. and 40% of them will end up in an orphanage or foster care of some sort. The other 60% will more than likely have a rough childhood. Out of the 60% only about 40% of them will finish high school and the other 20% will fail or drop out. If you think it ends there, it doesn’t. All the kids flooding into orphanages or government run group care homes are making them overrun with kids which then leads to very high expenses for the government to keep them fed and a roof over their heads. Also, of the 20% that drop out, 10% of them will end up on the streets. This also causes damage to the economy. The cost to keep these homes running is very expensive. Also with all these pregnancies, it raises the cost of health care and is one of the top causes for our economy's pain today. Convinced yet? During the time you where thinking, an average of 2 people a minute acquired a STD. STD's are also a top competitor to our health care pains. To add to this the only reason teens drink and do drugs is because it's considered "cool" or to feel "good" but in the long run it will kill you. If you do drugs now, 20% chance you will develop a type of cancer by the age of 50.

That is why I want to model Lecrae Moore. When Lecrae Moore was a teen he struggled through school. He started going to a local church when he was 17 after his best friend died from drug overdose. Since then he has become a famous Christian singer, touching the lives of many teens today. His main cause is to teach young teens to avoid drugs and to finish school. He spends his off time at a juvenile detention center and engaging with ReachLife Ministries. Lecrae also ministers at various campus and community venues. His main cause though is to get into the minds of teens and convince them to do right instead of wrong. So far Lecrae Moore has saved many teens from drugs and alcohol and continues to do so. This is the reason he’s my role model and this is the reason I want to help stop this madness.

My Youthgroup at Pathway Community Church (
My Youthgroup at Pathway Community Church (

Now is the question, what will I do to make a change in people's lives? I currently volunteer at local church and teen causes to help people in need. I have also helped a few people through Facebook and I am determined not to stop there. My mind is set on making school and other places better. It is so easy to give in to the temptations of drugs and alcohol and I feel it is my job to help lead people away from that path and to follow in the footsteps of Lecrae Moore and make a change in my community and school.

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