Linda Joy Muncey

by James from Bradford

There are super heroes and there are the heroes who save lives but there are no heroes out there like my mom. I chose this hero because she helps me with stuff like my manners and she gives money to the poor.

My mom was born in Grimsby, Ontario. She went to school at Grimsby High School. My mom's family is mom dad and brother. An interesting fact when she was young is she loved the outdoors. She is married to Keith and has four kids, James, Kevin, Matthew and Lauren.

The person who influences my mom is her dad because he loved the outdoors then she kept going outside and loved it. The obstacles is shyness because she doesn't like talking to people. She overcame it by taking to people at church.

Some actions are caring because she always cares when she is angry and she respects people all the time even if she doesn't like that person. The achievements my mom accomplished is like when our clothes are too small for the youngest we donate them to poor countries plus money and food.

There are so many types of heroes but there is no hero out there like my mom. From James

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