Laren Poole

by Shelby from Fort Wayne


When most people think about their childhood their thoughts go to happier times. Their mind travels to a place where everything is okay and where the only thing that matters is the latest toy that everyone wants. However, not everyone’s childhood is like this. That’s one reason I strongly believe in the Invisible Children Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that helps educate people about what’s going on in the conflict stricken region of Uganda. I support this organization so strongly because I believe every child deserves a great childhood.

The problem Invisible Children mainly deals with is a war going on in northern Uganda. This war has been going on for the past 23 years between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda. The LRA was formed by a group of people who rebelled against the Government of Uganda. The rebels didn’t receive a lot of support, so they started to abduct children and force them into their armies. Later in 1996, the Ugandan government started to do something about the LRA’s attacks in villages. The Ugandan government relocated thousands of people into camps trying to provide protection for them. These camps were not luxurious at all. The camps were overcrowded and the civilians struggled to survive against poverty, disease, and even starvation. An estimated one million still live in these intolerable camps.

This issue affects me because as soon as these children are taken into these brutal atmospheres they are immediately forced to grow up and their childhoods are taken away from them. I believe this is one of the worst things that can happen to any child and that every child deserves a great childhood.

The start of Invisible Children was in 2003 when three young filmmakers went to Africa looking for a story. One of these three boys from California was Laren Poole. When he traveled to Africa he discovered a horrific sight that made him and the other filmmakers want to do something about the use of children as weapons. When the three men got back to the United States they created the documentary “ Invisible Children : Rough Cut”. This film showed the truth about children soldiers and the troubles of Northern Uganda. This documentary has so far gotten an outstanding response by the millions of people who have viewed it. Invisible Children works toward long term goals and aims at improving the lives of the people in the conflict region. The organization’s goals also try to improve the quality of education, mentorship, the redevelopment of schools, and resettlement of the civilians from the harsh camps. The organization also helps with setting up financial stability. Invisible Children is now able to do all of this much easier because of all the support from people who have seen the documentary. Many people are now asking “How can I help?” and are wanting to get involved. This foundation is continually developing programs and initiatives for the children stuck in the middle of this chaos.


There are many things you can do to help with this cause. One of the biggest things, however, is to just become aware that this is going on and there are still millions of civilians stuck in these unpleasant camps away from their homes. Someday I would love to travel to Africa and help out with this great foundation, because I feel anguish when thinking about all the children being used in a very dangerous and horrific way. I also believe it is important to help the people of Uganda build a better future for themselves and their entire country. Until then you should also help inform others about what is going on. Even just doing that you will be helping to save children from getting their childhoods ripped out from under them.

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