Laura Secord

by Jennah from Calgary

"I shall commence at the battle of Queenstown where I was at the time cannonballs were flying about me in every direction."
I made it (I did)
I made it (I did)

I picked Laura Secord as my hero because she warned lieutenant James Fitzgibbon of a pending ambush on his troops. She had to walk over 32km to get out of American territory to warn British forces of the ambush. She helped get the victory at Battle of Beaver Dams. While saving many lives in the war. She was also a incredibly brave woman who risked her life to save others. Overall I picked Laura because she is a female heroine who saved many lives and is my hero.

I made it (I did)
I made it (I did)

Laura Secord was born 1775 Laura Ingerscroll. Her father Thomas Ingerscroll fought on the side of American soldiers during the War. However he moved the family to Niagara region of Upper Canada in 1795. Later she married James Secord. They then had 5 children by the names: Mary, Charlotte, Harriet, Charles, and Appolonia. In 1812 James was seriously wounded. Though later as he was still recovering Laura overheard there was to be a attack on the British soldiers. She left on June 23 to warn lieutenant Fitzgibbon of the attack.

I made it (I did)
I made it (I did)

Laura accomplished much in her life such as warning the British soldiers of the American's pending attack winning the "Battle of Beaver Dams". Saving many troops of the British force. Laura had to take a boggy path in order to avoid capture. However, Laura still was injured in walking through swamps and upon losing her shoes got many wounds. Even though her father and mother were American she was still determined to her save the British. Laura knew that she couldn't trust many with the information so she went on the trek alone. She was also a nurse who healed the wounded. £100 was awarded to Laura by Prince Albert Edward of Wales for her heroic deed. She however didn't get recognized for her deed until finally, in 1860 when Laura was 85. Fitzgibbon however did not give her any credit when the victory was documented. There is also a chocolate company named for her. There are several schools named in her honor.

Overall Laura accomplished much in her life and became a well known heroine. She had to take a difficult path to save others while possibly not being able to save herself. I think she was an amazing person who had made a difference in many lives. It was a shame when she didn't got recognized for her amazing deed until an old age. This concludes a report on an amazing woman who was kind and gallant, clever and heroic. Laura Secord is My Hero!!

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