Luma Mufleh

by Cathy from Taipei

Luma Mufleh and refugee soccer team
Luma Mufleh and refugee soccer team

As an immigrant from Jordon, Luma Mufleh is no doubt luckier than other immigrants. She moved to Atlanta, a city in America, and studied at Smith College there. After graduating from school, she became a soccer coach and played an important role in a girls' soccer team.

One day across the street, she noticed several children playing soccer without any basic equipment. They just played for fun. In fact, they were refugees, some of whom came from the war-torn countries. Although America is a free country, refugees still haven’t gained the attention and respect they deserve. Luma thought about her hometown and how lucky she was, so she decided to help them.

Later, she established the Fugees Soccer Team, which is only for refugee children. She taught them how to play and trained them to learn about how to cooperate with partners. Besides teaching them, she helped their parents fit into American society. She also helped found the Fugees Family and Fresh Start, both of which give refugee familes some useful information like health and education. Fresh Start gave parents cleaning work to earn money.

Sometimes I ask myself: if I were Luma Mufleh, would I try my best to help those in need? Actually, I would, but I don’t think I could be like Luma Mufleh, because she’s done more than what I could do. She spent most of her time staying with the refugees. She taught the children soccer, helped them solve their problems and so on. Thanks to her kindness, many refugee families go through smooth transition to life in the U.S.A, and the Fugees Soccer Team won many competitions and became famous in the world. All these contributions make Luma Mufleh my hero.

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