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Ann Landers

by Nikki from Cedar Rapids

"All the column means to me is an opportunity to do good in the world,"
This is Ann Landers
This is Ann Landers

My hero is Ann Landers. She's helped many people with their problems.

My hero Ann Landers has written advice columns for many people, when they write her quesions or ask for advice she gives it to them. She was a comlumnist for 47 years. She mostly gave relationship advice but covered alot of issues.

Ann Landers was born in Sioux City. But she lived in New Orleans Louisiana; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois.

My hero lived from July 4th 1918 to June 22nd 2002. She died at the age of 83 from lung cancer.

This person is important to me because I want to do what she did only as a professional counselor or a therapist. I would like to help people when they're in tough situations just like she did. She did many great things.

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