Clive Staples Lewis

by David from Wisconsin

C. S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis

Most people have a role model or hero in their life. My hero is Clive Staples Lewis or C.S. Lewis, as I will call him. C.S. Lewis is my hero because he was a great writer and lived as a true Christian should. During this essay, I will tell you about some things Mr. Lewis accomplished that enthralled me. These are his life in general, two of his famous writings, and his Christian beliefs. Maybe, by the end of this, C.S. Lewis might be your hero too.

C. S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland on November 28, 1898. When he was ten- years old, his mother died and he was sent to England for school. Twenty-seven years later, he became a Christian and started writing the majority of his books. During his life, C.S. Lewis wrote many books, such as “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”. In this book, four children have tests and adventures as they battle against the evil witch in Narnia. In his other book, “Mere Christianity”, C.S. Lewis tells us about God, Man, and evil. When Lewis became a Christian, he learned some important things. First, God created the universe and set its laws. And last, Man disobeys these laws and cannot be changed without God. On November 22, 1963, C.S. Lewis died at sixty-five years of age.

C.S. Lewis told the world about God and was not afraid to do so. This is a true hero. He used his writings to show what needed to be shown. He had the courage to do what is right. He did not become a hero by being famous but by being righteous. Do you have a hero who has the guts it takes? Did you know you could be a hero? Simply do what is good. You might say you do not know what is right. Just remember Jesus, the hero among heroes.

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