Abraham Lincoln

by Lemun from Illinois

You may ask why I would pick Abraham Lincoln for my hero. I picked him because he was a good man and I admire his work. He started out as a simple farm boy. He worked his way up from nothing.

He was a lawyer. He taught himself how to be a lawyer just by being in a court house all the time. His birthday is on February 12, 1809. If you didn’t already know, he was our nation's 16th president. He only served 4 and a half years in office.

He was in office during the Civil War. The war lasted 4 years. It was a fight between the North and the South. The South was for slavery and the north was against slavery. Abraham was very against slavery.

His dad’s name was Thomas and his mother’s name was Sarah. He has 2 brothers and sisters. His sister's name is Sarah and his brother's name is Thomas. But his sister died when he was only 19.

I really admire Lincoln because of the fact that he never gave up. He has lost a lot of campaigns in his life time but he kept going. He ended up getting in Congress and the state legislator before he was president. I really admire Lincoln for all he has done to help shape our country.

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