Freedom Heroes

Abraham Lincoln

by Anthony from Connecticut

My definition of a hero is a person who people look up to.
Abraham Lincoln is still a hero (
Abraham Lincoln is still a hero (

Abraham Lincoln is my hero because he saved the slaves in the south. Abraham Lincoln helped abolish slavery because he was antislavery and helped the slaves. He helped the slaves because he thought that every race should be treated equally. Abraham Lincoln lived from 1809 to 1865. He was are 16th President. He was in office from 1861 to 1865. He thought that slavery was wrong and so do I. I believe that slavery is wrong because everybody should be treated equally. He lived as a president and in his early life he lived in a cottage.

Lincoln was a person that you could look up to because he was a person that saved many lives. He became president and saved all of the slaves in the south. He made a big change in life. Without him, who knows? We might still have slaves. He promoted equality like Martin Luther King. He is a hero because he did something good in his life and that is the way we should leave it. Abraham Lincoln is a star hero and that is what he will always be. He went through battles and fights just to protect his country and his people.

Abe Lincoln worked very hard and that is what a hero does. He had several jobs and he worked hard. Abraham Lincoln took the place of the president and then took caution. He then freed the slaves in the south. He is s hero that many people look up to and he always will be. In the South they thought slavery was right and in the North thought it was wrong. So Abraham Lincoln thought that he should take action and so he did like any hero would. Whoever works hard for what they believe in should be able to become a hero.

A hero is a person who people look up to just like Abraham Lincoln. He was the best president I would say, because he made one of the biggest changes of all times. He made a change in the world and that is what heroes do. Abraham Lincoln is an exceptional hero because he saved thousands of people from slavery. Abraham Lincoln is still a hero because he has been in our lives and in our history. So that is also why he is a hero. Some people didn't like what he was doing with the slaves and this may have caused his assassination.

Abraham's legacy, I would say, is as a lifesaver because he saved lives like I told you before. He is a lifesaver because he made big risks to save the slaves. He saved many lives. If he didn't save the slaves' lives it may have been a lot different today. He is a great hero to look up to because he was a good person to many people, but also some people disliked him. He was a child that was born in a cottage and then became a big hero. He came a long way and he decided to save people, make a change, and became our 16th President.

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