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Produced by Anson Schloat & John G. Young

"Don’t look at the people around you who are doing things and think that they are made of something more than you. Don’t get psyched out, they are not made of
anything different that you are. "-Liz Murray
Liz Will in <em>Perseverance</em>
Liz Will in Perseverance

"You know that feeling, where you just don’t want to do something? Where you just want to give up? I think to have perseverance, is to know exactly how to overcome that feeling, every time it hits you." These words, spoken by Liz Murray, take us through her journey from homeless teen to Harvard graduate and inspire us all to put in what it takes to make the most of our own potential.

Liz applied for a college scholarship from the New York Times and ended up being accepted at Harvard University.

I realized my time is limited. I just said if I keep going like this, I’m going to end up wasting my life too. I said: I need to go to school. Because I have all this potential inside of me, and how is it ever going to become anything?

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Produced by Anson Schloat and John G. Young

View this inspiring film, in which Liz Murray overcomes her difficult childhood to win a scholarship to go to college.

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