Locks of Love

by Haillie from Riley (Jennifer LB Leese) (Jennifer LB Leese)

Imagine you are a child born with a disease you can never get rid of. You're between the age of 1 and 21. Everyday you do all that you can to not go to school, or work. Every time you touch you're head clumps of hair falls out. It sounds absolutely unbelievable right? Well it's not! There are thousands of children around the world that go through this everyday because of a long term medical hair loss called Alopecia Areata. These kids seem out of place, like there is nothing that can be done to help them. But, there is! It's an organization called Locks of Love. This organization changes many peoples lives, and can be called an inspiration and lifesaver to many. Locks of Love is an inspiration because of how many lives they have touched, and all the work people put into changing a young child's life. Locks of Love has changed many lives, starting with only one idea.

Mrs. Coffman, the founder of Locks of Love was in her early twenties when she thought of making a foundation for children with long term hair loss diseases. She also was a young woman who had suffered from Alopecia; with medication she recovered. 15 years later, her 4 year old daughter developed Alopecia, and lost all of her hair. After this had happened, Mrs. Coffman decided to take on Locks of Love as a full time volunteer. She soon had bags full of hair, and money donations stuffed full in her garage. Soon after she got the support of getting office space at a local hospital. After Locks of Love took a huge launch, it seemed like everyone had the charities back. Many people throughout the world decided to start to volunteer to help the charity. Over time the number of hair pieces provided have increased greatly. Locks of Love has recipients in all states, and Canada, working towards their goal to be able to help all financially disadvantaged, diseased children.

Just like everything life has to give, Locks of Love organization has many regulations. Absolutely anyone is allowed to donate money or hair to the organization. Many people think there are certain shops you have to get your hair cut at but it is not true. They suggest you use a company that has been donating hair to Locks of Love and is familiar with the process, but it isn't needed to be done that way. To donate, your hair has to be at least 10 inches long in a ponytail or braid. They will take all hair, grey, colored, permed. The only kind of hair they will not take is bleached hair. Bleached hair tends to break down, the bleach causes the hair to dissolve as it goes through the manufacturing process. To become a child that receives a hair piece, the child has to fill out an application, send in the completed application with medical diagnosis, a photo of the child and most recent tax return. They help both girls and boys, ages 1 though 21. It is unbelievable how many lives have been touched and changed because of this organization. A young girl stated, "I remember my stomach knotting, and my words becoming tangled at the thought of being able to wash my hair like the other girls in my class." She seemed so happy at the thought of being a normal girl, and having normal hair she could twirl and play with. To her, it didn't matter that it wasn't her hair, she was just grateful that she no longer felt that she had to hide in the shadows because of kids making fun of her lack of hair. For some, losing there hair wasn't such a big deal. So waiting for their long locks of beautiful hair wasn't such a stress for them. Over all, every person that has got a wig from Locks of Love has been more happy with the results.

Now, if you had a choice of wearing a wig, or just facing the facts of not having your long beautiful hair anymore, which would you choose? Everyone has there own opinions and options. Just remember when you are thinking of that terrible day, and you think that nothing else can get worse. Many people do have it worse. Locks of Love is strictly a donation funded organization. They have saved many lives, and plan to help and save many more. They are an inspiration to thousands. Not only the children but also just random people that hear about what Locks of Love is about. They're an inspiration because of how many lives they have touched, and all the work people put into changing a young child's life.

1-Worlds 2-Caring 1-Love 5-I will take any 1-Hair 9-to help impact cancer patients life's 9-and to help make a difference in our world 7-becauseof me, kids are happy

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I'm called Locks of Love
I am a donation organization
My goal is to help change kids life's
My founder is Mrs. Coffmen
I help bring normalcy back to people's lives
Making wigs out of every type of hair
Many people consider me to be an inspiration
Not only an inspiration but a hero
I am Locks of Love