My Friend, Luis Eduardo

by Samuel from Tampico

A person who lives with hate in his life, leads a pathetic and sad life.

Well, hello reader. My name is Samuel Sanchez and you are about to read about a guy whose calmness and quiet spirit have led me to call him my hero.

Let me tell you a litle about myself, and then a little about him. I am a person that a teacher could either come to love or hate, exclusively, nothing in the middle. I am loud, I talk with the teacher, I give my opinion without being asked for it, I correct, stand up, I do whatever I want. But one thing I never want to do, and find imposible for me to do, is sit quietly. In less words, I get hyperactive. Then there is Wicho, the ying to my yang. He never stands up, he does not talk to the teacher about anything that is not realated to what she is talking about, he does all his homework, and he is very, very smart. Although hyperactive, I consider myself a smart person, but Wicho dwarfs me in comparison.

He is my image of what a person can become. He is a pacifist and full of smart advice - the advice in the analytical format of a pyschologist. When I get in trouble, or get an inch away from the final strike that my school is willing to tolerate, I look towards Wicho and ask him to teach me his ways.

That is when he gives me one-of-a-kind advice, his philosophies of life. He is only fourteen years old, but I think he has accomplished something that only few, wise people have accomplished - a tranquil state of mind, an innner peace, an utter coolness. This is the reason why I, and perhaps only I, think of him as a great HERO. Rock on Wicho!

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