MASSIVEGOOD - Niños sin Malaria

by Daniel Chavez


What is Niños Sin Malaria?

On March 4th, 2010, Former president Bill Clinton and UN Secretary General-Ban Ki-moon were the first to click on MASSIVEGOOD at the United Nations. In December 2010, MASSIVEGOOD launched “Niños Sin Malaria” in accordance with the Spanish Red Cross. From that date up until June 2011, any Spanish travelers making reservations with the many partner agencies can contribute to the Red Cross projects to fight malaria in Gambia and Tanzania.

This organization’s main objective is to build a healthier world using micro-philanthropy and social media. It gives people the choice of making a micro-donation towards major global health causes every time they book a flight. This is a charity movement aimed towards everyday travelers and celebrities. Niños Sin Malaria created donation technology that can be easily integrated into any internet-based sales environment.

Spanish National Team (
Spanish National Team (

FIFA World Cup Champions Spain “La Roja”, launched a short video message before leaving to South Africa encouraging travelers to donate 2 euros when making a reservation. After winning the FIFA World Cup championship, MASSIVEGOOD is now deployed throughout the travel industry in Spain.

Where exactly does my contribution to Niños Sin Malaria go?

MASSIVEGOOD works with the top worldwide health organizations to make sure that every donation is used effectively and so that it makes a difference. Your contributions are used towards testing, treatment, and prevention of malaria.

Testing; The Red Cross uses rapid diagnosis tests to detect the malaria parasite within 15 minutes, so treatment can be given to the patient before it is too late. Treatment; Children infected with malaria are provided with ACTs, the most powerful malaria treatment available today, so that a simple fever does not become deadly. Prevention; The Red Cross distributes long-lasting mosquito nets to families in affected areas, and trains local health workers on how these “bed nets” can protect whole families from mosquitoes.

Dr. Ernest Athumani, the local Health Coordinator (
Dr. Ernest Athumani, the local Health Coordinator (

Can I give to Niños Sin Malaria even if I am not booking a ticket to Spain?

When you make a travel reservation in Spain, you have various options and sites where you can contribute after your purchase. In the USA, MASSIVEGOOD is available through select agencies that use the Global Distribution System but you can also contribute through when booking any flight to Europe.

If I give to a travel agency or online in the United States, where does my money go?

When you donate, it helps to provide much needed medication to developing countries to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, which take 3.7 million lives a year. Whether you donate in the USA, Spain, or Europe, your contribution goes to MASSIVEGOOD thus helping out “Niños Sin Malaria” which is helping fight these diseases worldwide.

Belinda and Andjelani (
Belinda and Andjelani (

What else can I do?

Thanks to today’s technology, there are countless ways to do good deeds in our society. You can make a big difference through small acts and that is MASSIVEGOOD’s goal. Raising awareness and funding for pressing issues are crucial for the success of MASSIVEGOOD and for the survival of millions of kids around the world.

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Extra Info

FACTS (from the website)

- Every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria. Only $10 can provide a mosquito bed net to protect an entire family
- About one million people die of malaria each year, 90% of them in Africa
- 85% of all deaths are children under five years old

- Every 15 seconds someone dies of tuberculosis. $20 can cure it.
- Each year over nine million people become ill with TB and nearly two million people die
- Eight million people will die of TB by 2015 without more funding

- Every 13 seconds someone dies of HIV/AIDS. $100 can buy child-friendly treatment for a year
- There are 33.3 million people living with HIV. Of these, 10 million still don’t have access to treatment that can help them live healthy lives.
- An estimated 370,000 children were newly infected with HIV in 2009, the vast majority of them through their mother