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MY HERO films merit top awards at competition

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MY HERO films merit top awards at competition

Anabelle Vo, Nancy Caruso, and Wendy Milette

Caruso takes her passion for the marine environment inside nearby schools with her non-profit organization, Get Inspired! The organization introduces students to the ocean habitat, and helps them raise kelp, abalone and sea bass, and later return the sea life to its natural ocean environment. 

Caruso’s efforts to replant the ocean have helped to grow and restore the local kelp forests to more than 100 acres, as she and her volunteers work to protect the most vulnerable species along the Orange County coast.

The other winner of the Award of Merit is the film, Saving the Canyon with Mary Fegraus. The educational documentary highlights the successful efforts of Laguna Beach environmental activist, Mary Fegraus. 

Fegraus was a driving force in the effort to preserve 20,000 acres of open space from development.  The area is now the South Coast Wilderness. It is made up of Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, Crystal Cove State Park, the City of Irvine Open Space, and Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, and offers miles of hiking trails, a Nature Center, and a safe, natural habitat for indigenous wildlife.

Fegraus’ efforts have ensured that the outdoor sanctuary will remain open and undeveloped for future generations.

Both films were produced by Leanne Meyers, Wendy Milette, and Anabelle Vo, of the MY HERO Project.

“The MY HERO is very grateful to the Laguna Beach Community Foundation, and the Massen Greene Foundation for their support of these two films,” said Milette. “The impact of media that educates and raises awareness about environmental issues is long lasting, and will continue to influence future generations for years to come.”

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