Mary Anderson

by Davina from Ansonia

When you are driving and if it’s raining or snowing you need to switch on your windshield wipers. Without this important tool in your car it would be difficult to see. This is thanks to Mary Anderson for this inventing this tool. Mary Anderson is a famous inventor who invented the windshield wipers in 1950. There so many things to learn about her such as why Mary is considered a hero to me. You could be inspired by this invention too.

There so many amazing facts about Ms. Anderson that people now don’t even know. Mary was born in 1866 in Greene Country. In 1893, she moved to Fresno, California, where she operated a cattle ranch and vineyard. Anderson moved back to Birmingham in 1902 to help her elderly aunt. She moved in with seventeen trunks that she kept in her room. After her death the trunks revealed a large collection of gold and jewelry which helped with family final problems. Mary used some of it to go to New York with friends too. While in New York during 1902, Mary noticed that street drivers had to step out of their cars to clear off the snow or rain in order to see. After seeing that her goal was to improve driver’s vision. When Anderson came back home she sketched a designed of an operated device and had a local company produce a working model. In 1905 she tried to sell the device to the Canadians but they rejected it. In 1920 the automobile manufacturing business grew exponentially of the windshield wipers. It soon became a standard equipment on all Americans car by 1916. Sadly Ms. Anderson died June 27, 1953 in Monteagle, Tennessee. As you read about Mary's lifestyle what do you think?

Mary's characteristics and actions are different from some of the inventors I read about. Mary returned to Birmingham from Fresco, California, to help her elderly aunt because she was sick. That means to me that she is very caring to go back to Birmingham from California to help her elderly aunt. Another characteristic about Mary is she was very helpful because when she was in New York she saw drivers having a hard time to see and she wanted to improve their vision. That shows that she very helpful and that she wanted to help others. A last characteristic about Ms. Anderson is she never gives up because when she was trying to produce her device to the Canadians and they rejected it, she didn’t give up - she keep modeling her design. Now think, have you ever learned about an inventor with these characteristics.

Mary Anderson is a hero to me because she invented an amazing idea of a windshield wiper, that really helps people. Why I considered her as a Hero is because if she never made the windshield wipers people would have a hard time seeing in their car when it rains or snows. If Mary never invented this invention, then when my mom would take me down to the bus stop during the Winter it would have been hard to see because of the window covered with sheets of snow. Ms. Anderson changed my life by telling me when I was reading about her is that girls could invent difficult inventions just as boys can. She made me realize that just because women cook and clean doesn’t mean anything, they could do anything if they set their mind to their goal. Now did you realize something like that when you were learning about someone?

Now do you think about Mary Anderson after reading my story? You now know about her life, characteristics, and my opinion about why she is my hero. Now you can see why I think that Mary is an important and why you should thank her, too.

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