Marcus Aurelius

by Jheng from Taipei

Among all the historical emperors, there's a sole one who can actually earn my respect: Marcus Aurelius, also known as the other title, "Philosopher Emperor." He was the last emperor in Roman Peace times, created by Octavius. Yet, on top of his identity as a magnificent emperor, he tended to consider the meaning of humans' short life and what kind of attitude we should take whenever confronting a vital decision as well.

Although Aurelius was a leader of the great Rome Empire with all authority, he still remembered to muse instead of letting power mislead himself, or worse, the whole Rome Empire, and obviously this is exactly the reason why he is capable of being titled both "Caesar" and "Augustus" at the same time and having me marvel at him. Additionally, his work, "Meditations", is a classic book affording people of several generations a reasonable fashion of thinking.

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