Mwiine Derrick

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Mwiine Derrick (internet)
Mwiine Derrick (internet)

Mwiine Derrick is the youngest Ugandan environmentalist, born September 12, 1996, fighting to stop climate change in his country by mobilizing rural women & youth to plant trees in every part of his country. He is currently rallying the entire Ugandan population to love, unite, respect and preserve their country Uganda, irrespective of their social, economic, political and spiritual differences created by both colonial and political leaders of Uganda. Since 1962 there have been a lot of skirmishes and political turmoil created by bad leadership based on tribalism, political mismanagement, corruption, religious differences, civil wars, and military adventures, which left the Uganda deeply divided on almost on everything. Despite his tender age Derrick has managed to mobilize political adversaries for a common good of Ugandan nationalism. a soft spoken lad was born in 1996 in a remote area of Kabale, southwestern Uganda where he attended nursery school up to primary two before his father moved to the capital city, Kampala. Mwiine Derrick has been visiting different parts of the country, meeting different communities and appealing to different groups of people to plant more trees than what they are cutting. It’s important to note that despite his tender age, people are taking his message very seriously which has encouraged him so much.

Mwiine Derrick has already donated more than eight thousand tree seedlings (8000) 60% being fruit tree seedlings to rural communities in his country, Uganda. Mwiine Derrick is currently germinating over twenty thousand (20000) seedlings fruit trees which he wants to offer to institutions like schools, colleges, churches, and hospitals.

Mwiine Derrick has been on sensitization campaign starting with 2010 where thousands of Ugandans more especially the youth above 18 years signed his petition to the speaker of Parliament demanding to compel the government of the republic of Uganda to make Uganda the greenest country in the whole world by planting trees in every part of the country. It’s very interesting that hundreds of non Ugandans across the world also sign the petition online to support the Ugandan effort. Mwiine Derrick hopes to convince his government to do the following:

1- Plant fruits on both sides of all the roads in his country Uganda

2- To extend electricity to all rural areas of Uganda and make it affordable for the poor communities

3- To plant trees on all bare mountains in Uganda

4- To regulate the cutting down of trees on private farms

5- To compel local leaders in Uganda to provide the number of all trees to a national data centre at least twice a year.

6- To make it mandatory for every Uganda who is five years and above to plant at least twenty four trees each year.

7- To use government security agencies to protect all public trees on public land from being cut anyhow

8- To secure a government nursery garden in every county in Uganda where to raise tree seedlings

Climate change will mostly affect the poorest people in the world, who don’t have the capacity to respond and adapt to such rapid environmental change, yet they are historically the least responsible for its causes. It’s very important to note that a 13 year old African is spearheading a campaign to end deforestation, preserve old-growth forests, conserve, and sustainably manage other forests; Africa and the entire world should maintain climatic systems and commence the age of ecological restoration. Uganda should be hailed for environmental mobilization.

Wars are usually fought on many different fronts, using different means & tactics and that's why Mwiine Derrick, a Ugandan boy, chose a more friendly way to engage rebels in his country... a forgiveness song.

As he grew up in a more stable, peaceful southern part of Uganda, he was touched by media reports about a civil war of Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in northern part of Uganda that had raged on for years by claiming thousands of innocent lives in the entire northern part of the country. Children and women were the most affected.

It's that war that inspired Mwiine Derrick to compose a song title; FORGIVE ME OH GOD, which he dedicated to all warlords in the whole world including Joseph Kony, the leader of LRA who has since been militarily dislodged from northern Uganda and indicated by the International court of Justice (ICC) in The Hague.

Mwiine Derrick recorded 'Forgive me oh God' in 2007 when he was ten years old and in 2008 he managed to send twenty CDs of his song to the high command of LRA in the bush through a woman who was believed to be Kony's close relative with a message appealing to Joseph Kony to stop killing innocent people. Unfortunately, the lady has never contacted Mwiine Derrick even after the war had ended.

Derrick has 6 songs to his name which he recorded up to 2008 when he prematurely, ended his singing career. Mwiine Derrick confesses that he has never attended any Music lessons although he managed to record six good songs namely:

1. Forgive me oh God

2. I won’t fear death

3. Thank you my Lord

4. The pearl of Africa

5. Happy birthday

6. Education is the key to success. all the songs are on youtube.

Mwiine Derrick is always jolly & cheerful! He is very passionate about his motherland, Uganda. He is inspirational, and mature in reasoning. Derrick has mastered the promotional skills of marketing his country to foreigners. He will tell you about the tourist attractions, the fresh food, the hospitality of Ugandans, The Ugandan culture & entertainment, the good climate and he will go ahead to assure of your safety & security while in Uganda. He will also encourage you to invest in his country. He is an amazing boy who is very confident. There many short films on youtube which Derrick has made about his country

Derrick is a charming boy, respectful, understanding, kind, patriotic, intelligent, confident, and proud of his country and a very good Christian.

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