Mrs. Magdalena Domniteanu

by Ruxandra Mereuta from Galati, Romania

She was my first teacher and she will remain my first and most important hero. As if names would be important, I will call her Mrs. Magdalena Domniteanu.

I remember with dear emotion how the first school day started. We were all so small and clumsy with the big pens and the thick books. Our teacher, Mrs. Domniteanu, was kindly smiling and helped us draw signs, finally getting the dearest word: mother. Our primer smiled at us every day from the top of our desks and the pen helped us fill the magic sheet with beautifully shaped letters.

Why is she now my hero? For everything she taught us, for her patience, for her gift to make herself understood. Each of the first four years at school we learned interesting things as a basis for what was to follow next. We studied new subjects each year and she knew how to make each subject more attractive than the last one. She taught us the alphabet – the key to communication; mathematics – the salt and pepper of our lives as pupils. We used to laugh together over our successes and we used to cry together over our failures.

We also had many beautiful activities. Our parties, organized for different occasions, were full of magic; everything was magic and unique as we were discovering the world through her eyes. I can say she helped us see; see ourselves and the outer world. Our teacher, Mrs. Domniteanu, became our hero because she made us see only the great things that school can offer us. I can say that we were a lucky class having her as our first teacher. The beginning of the road is always the most important. She gave us reason to continue and to love school. She taught us everything she could and she offered great love, too. The things we first see in school are to remain forever in our souls. She was smart, kind, open-minded and tactful in teaching us about life. I will always love and respect my hero, Mrs. Domniteanu, my first teacher.

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