Mohandas Gandhi

by Noel from San Diego

Mohandas Gandhi was a warrior that never used violence. He was the leader of the Indian Independence movement. He did it without using any form of violence and succeeded in sending the British back home. Mohandas Gandhi is one of the greatest and most inspirational heroes of all time.

Gandhi helped the liberation of India. "While traveling in a first-class train compartment he was asked to go to the third-class compartment; when he refused, he was forced to leave the train. During that long night in the cold train station, Gandhi resolved never to yield to force nor use force to win a cause."(Mohandas 1) Gandhi was thrown out of a train because he was Indian. This event made him realize that racial discrimination was a problem in India. Gandhi wanted to be rid of discrimination in India. "Disturbed by the inequities of India's caste system, Gandhi also gave the lowest caste "untouchables" a new name, Harijans--the children of God." (Mohandas 1) Gandhi brought honor to the names of the Untouchables.

Gandhi believed that everyone was equal. "Civil disobedience," he said, "is the inherent right of a citizen.... Above all, [it] must have no ill will or hatred behind it." (Mohandas 1) Gandhi chose civil disobedience instead of fighting, for he did not believe that violence was the answer. Through this, had many followers. "After ten years of limited compromise and continued repression by the British, Gandhi decided to lead a twenty-four day march to the sea to protest the British. monopoly on salt. "At dawn he picked up a pinch of salt from the sand, and millions around the country began to ignore the law banning home-made salt." (Mohandas 1) Gandhi's belief's gained him many people to join his cause. Since Gandhi believed everyone was equal, they joined him and helped him rebel against the British oppressors of India.

Gandhi was very spiritual. "He called his pursuit of political reform and non-violent resistance, Satyagraha, a Sanskrit word that means "the quest for truth"." (Gandhi) Gandhi believed in Satyagraha. He gained many followers through his spiritual beliefs. Gandhi was a true leader. "During World War I, Gandhi began urging Indians to participate in a program of civil disobedience against the British."(Gandhi) Gandhi led many Indians. He and his followers protested against the British.

Gandhi was a true leader and a spiritual man. He believed that no man was superior to any other. Gandhi had many followers and gained independence for India.

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