A True hero: Mahatma Gandhi

by Riya from Liberty Township

       Imagine being humiliated, experiencing racism, being thrown into jail, or something even worse, just for a cause or something you believed in. Wouldn't that be such a horrible and painful experience? Of course that's what Mahatma Gandhi felt every day ever since he went to London. You might be thinking "Oh, Gandhi never would have done something that bad to be thrown into jail! " He did get thrown into jail. Gandhi had to overcome many struggles in his life. Of course with struggles you get achievements. Gandhi's lifelong fight for India's independence was his greatest achievement. Gandhi's early life shaped his life, he displayed quiet and heroic bravery, and he possessed many heroic virtues. The greatest virtue he possessed was peacefulness.

baby Gandhi with his mother ( (Sangeeta and Arvind Gurung, Founders, Dharamsala T))

Baby Gandhi with his mother


(Sangeeta and Arvind Gurung, Founders, Dharamsala T))

         Gandhi's early years shaped his life. When he went to London he experienced a lot of racism and prejudice which sparked his ambition to fight "deep disease of color prejudice". (""). His mother was a very religious woman who fasted regularly which Gandhi did later in his life. As they say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Gandhi grew up worshiping the Hindu god Vishnu and followed Jainism. Jainism espoused non-violence, fasting, meditation, and vegetarianism. Gandhi followed these practices throughout his life.

Gandhi and his wife (
Gandhi and his wife (
























       Gandhi had and overcame many struggles in his lifetime. One of the many problems Gandhi had was going to jail for what he believed in. "Gandhi was arrested four times ". ("") Gandhi was sent to jail for fighting for justice which Gandhi did not receive. In both London and South Africa Gandhi experienced racism and prejudice. In India he was beaten and humiliated in front of the public. Gandhi had many deaths in his family. Gandhi's father, first wife, and first child(son) all died in less than one week. That is a struggle for someone to accept a death but three is really really really hard for someone, especially if it is your first child.

Gandhi leading the salt march ( ())
Gandhi leading the salt march ( ())









         Gandhi's lifelong fight for India's independence was his major accomplishment. There were many parts to India's independence. Those are also accomplishments. Boycotting British goods was hard because many things were British goods. He gave up a lot for that. During his 241 mile Salt March, he and his fellow protesters walked all the way to Dandi to get salt from the tides. "Six day fast to protest the British decision to segregate the "untouchables," those on the lowest rung of India's caste system, by allotting them separate electorates."("")

          Gandhi displayed quiet and heroic bravery, and he possessed many heroic virtues. One of his main ones is peace. For heroic bravery he did risky things to advance in a cause he passionately believed in, like India's independence. For quiet bravery he took all that racism, beatings, humiliation, and jail and still knew he was self worthy and endured the situations with grace. Gandhi believed in peace. That's why he did civil non-violent acts of disobedience like the Salt March, registration card burning, making his own cloth, and boycotting British goods. 

         Gandhi once said, "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." This is true because many people think that violence is the answer where there are people who know non-violence is the answer. That's why many people consider Mahatma Gandhi a hero. He chose non-violence when he could have chosen violence. Why I consider Mahatma Gandhi a hero is that he chose non-violence, was brave, and never gave up for what he believed in.

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