Miep Gies

by Carolina from San Diego

Miep Gies is a hero because she had the bravery and courage to help her boss hide himself and his family in an annex above his office at 263 Prisengracht in Amsterdam to avoid the Nazi terror.

She provided the Franks with clothes, food, and other things she was also a window to the outside world for them for two years until she and the Franks were caught in August 4, 1944. Miep worked for Otto Frank in a jam –making company before the Nazi’s began taking over Amsterdam.

Mieps' kind heart was the product of the inspiration that her foster parents gave her when they shared with her what they had, even if it wasn’t a lot . When Miep was ten her real parents had their second child. Miep already suffered from poor nutrition and now that they had one more in the family the food was reduced even more. In Vienna where she was born on February 15, 1909 there was a program that was set up by foreign working people for hungry Austrian children.

When Miep was eleven she was sent to a country called Netherlands to be fed and revitalized. From there they took her to a train station, where they hung a card that had a name she had never heard of before. The train had many unhealthy looking children, all with cards around their necks.

When all the children got of the train, adults approached them to read the cards that hung around their necks. A man read Mieps and said “Ja”. The man took her to his car and drove her to his home, which from then on would be her home too.

Her foster family spoke Dutch and already had five other children. The oldest spoke some German so he translated. She went to school and in some time she could understand and spoke a few Dutch words and by spring she was the best in her class.

Miep Gies will always be remembered as a hero for being that pure hearted woman that she is and for having the courage to be willing to risk her life for saving someone else's.

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