Mahmoud Hesabi

by F.M from Kashan

Hi friends; I chose Dr. Hesabi as my hero; I have listened to a lot of things about him & I saw that I can to fabricate from him in some works & his life was very worthy, so I have added some information about him; I wish you enjoy it!

Hessaby was born in Tehran to Abbas and Goharshad Hessaby. When he was seven, the family moved from Iran to Beirut in Lebanon where he attended school. At seventeen he obtained his Bachelor's in Arts and Sciences from the American University of Beirut. Later he obtained his B.A. in civil engineering while working as a draftsman. He continued his studies and graduated from Engineering school of Beirut.

Hessaby was admitted to the Ecole Superieure d' Electricite and in 1925 graduated while he was employed by the SNCF (French National Railway). He started working in the electric locomotive maintenance department. Hew was a scientific mind and continued his research in Physics at the Sorbonne University and obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from that University at the age of twenty-five. Dr Hessaby was a Polymath[3], having held five Bachelor's degrees in literature, civil engineering, mathematics, electric engineering and mining engineering. He continued lecturing at University of Tehran for three working generations, teaching seven generations of students and professors. In 1947, he published his classic paper on "Continuous particles". Following this, in 1957 he proposed his model of "Infinitely extended particles

I THINK that you have become acquainted with my hero; but why have I chosen him?!

Dr. Hesabi loved flowers & plants & one of the marvelous `things which I know about him this is :where he won't to make his house; there was a big tree which he didn't cut it & he lived with that tree !

His favorite subject was physics; like me!

This is one of his talking points:

"The product from of authority "celtic" cross "acclaim" is a true amount; what power is more, acclaim will be less; & what human's ability abates; his/her assert increases"


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