Mae Jemison

by Sarahi from San Diego

More women should demand to be involved. It's our right. This is one area where we can get in on the ground floor and possibly help to direct where space exploration will go in the future

Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison is a Hero by being the first African American woman to be an astronaut. She went to a lot of hard work through try to go into space. She went to an astronaut- training program to make her dreams come true. She got enrolled at the University of California for night courses in engineering. She got a call from NASA, and accepted her to go to astronaut program when they let her go to space. The first time they let a woman go to space.

When Mae Jemison was a little girl, she wanted to be a scientist. But her teacher said that was never going to happen. So when she to the library, she found books about astronomy, anthropology, archaeology, zoology.

When she entered Moran Park High School, she took math, biology, chemistry and physics. She passed all her courses and was on the honor roll. She got in to dance class and studied jazz dancing and African dancing.

She loved dancing, so she went to dance class. She performed as a member of her high school’s Modern Dance Club. She also wanted to be teenager. In high school she was in cheerleading. She was good in dancing; she was performing as a member in high school’s modern dance club.

She is important by being the first African American woman to go into space. She inspired women to go to space and learn about it. Not only men can go to the moon, women can too.

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