Magic Johnson

by Colby from San Diego

This is Magic Johnson. Wanna learn about his past and careers? Your're in the right spot.
Magic Johnson playing for the NBA Lakers ((giant bombs))
Magic Johnson playing for the NBA Lakers ((giant bombs))

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson is one of the most famous basketball players in the country. Always ready to play, and he was known for his amazing passing skills. He was the one who turned the Lakers into champions. Born in August 14, 1959, he played for a NBA basketball team named the Los Angeles Lakers. He also grew up with four brothers and five sisters! They called him Magic for his magical passes to other players. Magic Johnson played for the NBA for about 12 years before getting tested for HIV/AIDS.

1991 he revealed that he was HIV positive. Magic Johnson had to quit basketball after. Magic started investing in business and helping people get through what he went through. He has also donated to lots of charities involving AIDS and other programs. He has donated to over 5 charities to help men and women and kids get through other common diseases. He has also donated over 20 million dollars to charity. He also donated 5 million dollars to the old church he went to as a kid. That's one of the reasons why I think he is a hero.

Magic grew up in a bad neighborhood in Lansing, Michigan. That was where he grew up and it's not a pretty place. He grew up around drugs, robbery and other bad things. But he stayed away from all of those things and just played basketball. He also coaches some high school basketball teams now just for fun and to help other kids get good. You might have seen Magic Johnson on TV. That's also because he does a lot of commercials. He also has made over 500 million dollars and still making over 25 million a year!

Now Magic is a very successful businessman, as you could tell with how much money he is worth. He also does a lot of big speeches for companies and gets a lot of money for them. Magic also owns over 12 different movie theaters around mostly LA. He is also planning on building 14 more theaters around Florida and around the rest of the country. But also Magic's life isn't perfect. He still faces many health issues including HIV problems. That still does not stop him for being a good person.

Magic Johnson is a great person with all he has done to help people out. He has proven to be a great hero, by helping others in need. Even though he has made tons of money he still chooses to help people out, which shows a lot. I think it was a good thing that he retired to help people out and help out businesses. He started from the bottom with nothing and he worked hard and got to the top, which shows he is a hard worker. It is safe to say Magic Johnson is a hero and knows what he is doing. That's why he is my hero.

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