Magic Johnson

by Miguel from Farmersville

Hero to me is by what they do to save or change the world, not by how rich or wealthy they are like Magic Johnson. Johnson has made a huge impact in our world and with people with AIDS.

Magic is a basketball Hall of Fame and who was drafted by the Lakers in 1979 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall. Johnson lived in 8/14/59 in Lansing, Mich. Johnson made a huge impact in the world when he was proved positive of HIV on November 7, 1991. Also Magic has made a big impact in our world because he has survived HIV and not many people have survived from being infected with the dangerous disease called HIV. Johnson's style of play was so good people still wish he played in the with LeBron and Kobe. Also Magic was one of the tallest point.

Magic Johnson is a survivor hero because so many people with AIDS were dying at that time but he survived. He also raised a lot of money for the people with HIV and he helped find a solution to a cure.

In conclusion Magic Johnson is a big impact in our world because he has fund raised a lot of money for the people with HIV. Also Johnson has made a difference to the people with HIV.

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