Moira Kelly

by Brian from San Diego

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"The Greatest act of kindness changes generations . Wherever there is the greatest evil , the  Greatest good can be achieved." - Moira Kelly. Being a hero isn't on how big or rich you are, its on how you made an impact on the world. Moira Kelly, the Feisty Australian from down under has been saving kids from around the world  and giving them the medical attention they need for the past 35 years. Moira Kelly, the Humanitarian from Australia was inspired to make a difference in the world. At the age of 21, she wanted to expanded her education and service. So she bought a ticket to India to learn and serve alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta. Six months later, she moved to Africa. When war crimes caught children in the crossfire, Moira Kelly headed to the refugee camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina to organize aid and welfare  programs. She soon became a regional program director for Nobody's Children and coordinated a core to assists in aid efforts across many refugee camps. Moira Kelly's accomplishments in refugee camps and other organizations didn't stop there. After returning home to Melbourne, Australia, she begged her friends and family to donate money to an organization she dreamed of starting up called Children First Foundation. Her efforts paid off and the foundation was formed. Moira Kelly possesses what it takes to be a true moral hero, from traveling the world to help kids in orphanages to throwing herself in the line of fire to help get children the medical attention they need.

Moira Kelly's admirable traits were her Caring for others and Helpfulness. "Inspired to make a difference after viewing a documentary on Mother Teresa, she would hop the fence that separated her primary school and the neighboring special needs school. Day after day she would help feed and engage with the children." Moira was a very generous and caring child when she was growing up. She would use her time to go and help people who needed a friend and help them through, instead of hanging out with friends. Even when she got older she was the same generous and caring woman she was as a child. "She became a regional program director for the organization, Nobody's Children and coordinated a core of volunteers to assist in AID efforts such as dental and health care clinics, education and recreation programs. Moira shows that she is a hardworking and committed person to any job she is assigned. She knows how to take matter in her own hands and help and listen to what the people need to help them get back on their feet. That's what Moira Kelly is here for. From a young child to a grown adult, being generous isn't easy but when you work hard and help other people, people seem to notice.

Moira Kelly is a helpful person because puts others first before herself. Nowadays, people forget there are other people in this world that are less fortunate than others and we don't care about them. But not Moira, she believes everyone has a voice and that we should all treat each other with respect and dignity. "When war crimes caught children in the crossfire, the 30 year old  Moira threw herself in the line of fire to help reach the children and get them the medial treatment they deserved." Moira showed bravery when running from refugee to refugee, making sure all the kids got the medical research they needed to survive. Her running around all over the poor countries that were being attacked showed the people there that they had someone to trust and rely on. Respect is what Moira Kelly gave to the organizations she worked with, and respect is what she got back from them. "In 1999, when Moira Kelly came back from helping orphans an India, a greater thought dawned on her. What could she do better to help kids who need help around the world? Her own organization. Begging her friends and family to donate, her efforts paid off when she started a non-profit organization called Children First Foundation." Respect from her family and friends got her what she wanted, an organization. Her organization is establish in Melbourne, Australia. Moira's hometown. To this day she has adopted 3 children and has an up and running orphanage with kids waiting to be adopted. This world still holds loving and caring people like Moira, people who want to make a difference in this world. And that's what Moira did.

Moira Kelly possesses what it takes to be a true moral hero, from traveling the world to help kids in orphanages and refugee camps, to throwing herself in the line of fire to help get kids the medical attention they need. What Moira did was brave and honorable to go out of her way and help the kids live, but now she's a mother with three kids and running her organization to its highest performance. Moira Kelly inspires me and others to realize there are less fortunate people out in the world and that we can help them, not by one person but by a team. The world changes, people change, technology changes but not are respect to one another. We should all respect each other, from rich to poor, black or white, we are all the same and nothing in this world should ever change it. That's what Moira Kelly taught me.

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