Masashi Kishimoto

by Jamison from Columbus

Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of the popular manga series, "Naruto." The series is about a boy (named Naruto) who has one big goal in life - to become the best ninja he can be. He and his teammates, Sasuke and Sakura, who are trained by Kakashi Sensei, are frequently being put into dangerous situations which they must handle the best they can.

Naruto and his friends also have many enemies and problems to face. For one, Naruto has the spirit of a dangerous fox-demon trapped inside of him, which he must control without letting it get out of hand. There is also a threatening gang called the Akatsuki who want to capture Naruto because of this demon, causing him even more trouble.

Masashi Kishimoto grew up in a rural area of Japan, but never stopped working hard on his artwork. He went to an art collage when he was old enough, and there he published his very first comic. Naruto came soon after that time.

Masashi is my hero because he never gave up on his work. He put so much time into his mangas, and he is now being rewarded by having the number one best selling Japanese comic series out there!

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