Michelle Obama

by Caitlin from La Habra

Michelle Obama: A true hero Michelle Obama is a true hero. Here are some reasons why. A healthier America: Through here heroic actions, Michelle Obama is creating a healthier America. She is doing this by focusing on the children, who are the next generation's adults. By using the next generation to create, "A healthier America", children are starting to get her message, as she continues to frequently talk about these things on children's T.V. shows, and putting noticeable healthier changes in school lunches. They will begin to take it upon themselves to take her advice, and become healthier, and pass on the good message to everyone else. If she continues her great work, America will have many healthy generations to come.

Understanding Children: Michelle and Barack Obama have two kids, Malia and Sasha. This helps reveal why Michelle Obama understands children very well, and having many awards for that, that connection with children is making it easier to get her message across. She is a natural at speaking our children's "language" and children have seemed to have liked that. Therefore, she encourages kids worldwide to be active, and stay healthy. So, as she continues to get her message through our children, it proves to the world that she understands, and cares for our children, and their world to come. Their new world of health is introduced to them through her words and actions. As her goal comes to life, more people (like us) will start to help her out, and bring this message out like never before. Starting out small, and maybe if we are lucky, making a big impact on our community

Ideas to the people: People can also learn from Michelle Obama. She has great ideas that can spark someone's imagination to do great things like she does, in smaller ways. Although smaller, these contributions to the community can be just as effective. Michelle Obama is heroic in her actions that inspire young people to do good things. This goes along with her understanding nature for young people and/ or children, proving that she is a real hero.

Although there are many good reasons to say Michelle Obama is a hero, one may question her heroic abilities. They may say she is "too pushy" about health for our children. They might say that she should not be praised for simply "trying to get kids healthy, and they don't really care for this sort of thing". These people have respected objections. Although, they should consider the fact that it is changing our country. This may turn their opinions around, considering she may help their kids to do well.

In the end, Michelle Obama is an all-around good person, and a true hero. As she continues to aspire to inspire kids, I hope more people join in on the cause. Being a hero like Michelle Obama may seem easy, but it is more work than expected. I hope more people like Michelle Obama start to help out now, and more kids learn toy understand that they too, can change the world around them. Just like Michelle Obama.

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