Maria Siemionow

by Blair from San Diego

Surgeons are normally seen as heros, the fearless fighters who come and save loved ones and even the people who don't deserve it. But not all surgeons are equal, some surgeons are better than others. Maria Siemionow is one of the best surgeons out there. She is a plastic surgeon who specializes in microsurgery and a mother to a man who is a spinal surgeon. She was also born in Poznan, Poland, but then moved to Cleveland to be a plastic surgeon. At the Cleveland Clinic she lead a team to complete the first full-face transplant. For someone to be a hero like Siemionow, they would have to be selfless, and they should be caring towards the patient. A hero should also work hard so they get better with their craft all while making the people's lives better. Maria Siemionow is a hero due to the fact that she cares for her patients, puts her patients first, and she is a hard working surgeon and mother.

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Maria Siemionow is a caring person. She cherishes her patients in ways not required to be their doctor, but she cares for their lives outside of the hospital."'Our patient was called names and was humiliated,' Dr. Siemionow said. 'Children ran away.' She added, 'You need a face to face the world'"(Altman). Dr. Siemionow obviously cares for her patients because she wants to help them overcome their injuries. Being a caring surgeon is important because they hold their patients lives in their hands. If they don't care about their patient like Siemionow does, they couldn't try to help them to the best of their abilities. But Siemionow does care for her patients, she thinks about them and how her decisions will affect their life. She once described her pre-surgery routine. "Q: 'Do you have any special routine before a surgery?'A: 'I always like to think about my patients the night before, remind myself of the complexity, the potential downfalls'"(Hageman). When you are thinking about someone it's easier to finish a task to the best of your abilities. You can also know what a patient would prefer when making any important decisions. This elevates the quality of patient care that could save lives when they are in the operating room. Maria always makes sure she knows the patient and that is what helps her be a good surgeon. It helps her do the best she can with her patients. That's why being caring helps Siemionow be a hero to her patients.

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Dr. Siemionow is selfless because she sacrifices her time to help those who really need it. Siemionow only operates on people who need her services in plastics. Like it's stated in this article. "Siemionow did not propose to change the appearance of people who simply disliked their noses or the shape of their eyes; she intended to allow those to whom accident, disease, or birth defect had dealt crippling deformities to take part in the world once again"("Maria Siemionow."). This shows how Maria is selfless because instead of working for the money, she works on the people who need it. Dr. Siemionow didn't take the easy way out when it comes to surgery. If you are just a plastic surgeon who does cosmetics surgery, you receive more money for less work. But Siemionow tackles the hard tasks for the people who really need it. Siemionow spends her time helping others and she has been doing it for more than thirty years. "Thirty years later, microsurgery is a commonplace marvel, and as director of plastic surgery research at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Siemionow, 55, is a leading practitioner"(Mason). Maria Siemionow has been a surgeon for more than thirty years which means that she has been caring for patients and putting them first almost her entire life. She decided that she wanted to be a surgeon and she became very good at her job which means she had lots of patients wanting her to operate on them. She gives most time to helping her patients by making their lives become better. She sacrifices not only her time but income to revive her patient's health everyday.

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Being hardworking is essential to being a hero. Dr. Siemionow is hardworking. She leads groundbreaking and possibly life saving surgery, simultaneously she raised her son to be a surgeon. She trains and prepares a lot to save the lives of those who really need it such as the woman who needed a face transplant. "2008 she headed the team that performed the first near-total face transplant in the U.S. on Connie Culp, who had been shot in the face"(Hageman). Siemionow helps so many people and she is dedicated to help them even if it doesn't seem possible at the time. She works hard to create a way to help them so that the patient she is caring for gets a better life. Siemionow also raised a son and who turned out to be a spinal surgeon. "'my son (Dr. Krzysztof Siemionow) is a spine surgeon here at UIC'"(Hageman). To balance working as a surgeon and being a mom is a big challenge. Maria worked hard to raised her son right, because he became a successful surgeon, which is hard to achieve without the right morals. You have to be an extremely dedicated and smart person in the first place. You also have to be even better to become a spinal surgeon which requires lots of precision. This show how Siemionow is a great surgeon and a great mom. She impacted her son in a way that got him through the rigorous training and education that it takes to be a spinal surgeon. Considering how hard it is to be a surgeon and be an amazing mother, it's just more proof Dr. Siemionow is a hardworking hero with her patients and their loved ones.

Maria Siemionow is my hero and should be everyone else's because she puts her patients before herself, cares for her patients, and is a successful surgeon whom everyone should look up to. Maria all-in-all is caring because she meticulously tends to her patients. She is selfless because she gives up her time to help her patients and colleagues. Siemionow is hardworking because she is an amazing surgeon while being a great mom. Maria inspires me because she helps everyone who needs it. She works hard and she is very successful with being a mom and a surgeon. Everyone should want to be like Siemionow because she completed the work that is required to become a surgeon and still pushed to be better because she developed a new type of surgery called microsurgery. Siemionow also works at one of the best hospitals in the country, the Cleveland Clinic. This displays how she is an amazing surgeon that should be look up to by everyone because she is head of the department at a great hospital. Siemionow is an unbeleivable talented plastic surgeon who helps who ever that needs it. Without her the revolutionary full face transplant surgery wouldn't have happened and that woman wouldn't have gotten a new chance at life. If Siemionow wasn't here the world would be missing a selfless, caring, and hardworking hero.
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