Miguel Vasquez

by Elena from Medellin

"It is easy to decide but it is hard to do."

My hero is Miguel Vasquez. I feel very proud because he is my dad. In a company my dad helps 500 direct employees and their families. When I asked my dad why he got that job he answered, "I saw the opportunity to help lots of people." My dad helped friends and people whom he didn't know.

Miguel has to go to Bogota and U.S.A. a lot, "It feels great to help," he said. My dad does it everyday and will continue. "I sometimes feel scared because it is a big responsibility," confessed Miguel. He thinks other people will do the same but not at all.

For me, my dad has done other heroic things but not as important. Even though my dad is a hero, he has a hero of his own. My dad gives the 500 employees a job and that's why he is a hero. His company is in Llanogrande. "It is easy to decide but it is hard to do," he answered when I asked him if it was hard. I think my dad is a hero!!

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