Muhammed Ali

by Anthony from New York

Ali was a hero because he was the best boxer in the world. He didn’t have to go to war. He was in the Olympics three times. He won the Olympics medal two times. He is a true hero and he will always be.

When Ali was a kid, and he was Christian, his Mom taught him everything she new about God. Now this is how he became a boxer: one day he was riding his bike to a place and he put his bike down and he looked around. When he came back his bike was gone. He was so angry! He asked someone if they saw a cop. They said downstairs, and found the cop. Clay told him what happened, and the cop said, "I am a boxing teacher and a cop. Ill give you free boxing lessens." The cop asked for Clay's name, and Clay said, "Cassias Clay." Clay wanted to beat up the guy because it was an expensive bike. Six years later, all Clay thought about, and wanted to do, was box.

Ali had some challenges and problems. First, he was finally a pro boxer. When he was boxing he wanted to try a different religion. He told people he was a Muslim and his new name was Muhammad Ali. Some of his fans didn’t like him any more. Another problem is that Ali got oil in his eye, and he almost went blind. For a 3rd problem, he never ever got his bike back. One more is they wanted him to go to war and he said no because of his religion said you can not go to war, so Ali was ready to go to jail but got out of it. He didn’t fight for like six to eight years so he decided to box again but it was really hard for him. Last and least when he got older he suffered from Parkinson's disease.

Ali's contributions are he won the heavyweight championship three times. He was the best out of the best boxers in the world. He helped people with his center program, the program was called Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center.

This paragraph is about awards, honors, and recognitions. Ali’s name will always be remembered. One honor was when he was not a boxer any more he was honored to put the flame on the torch for the Olympics. Another honor is he won the heavyweight championship 3 times. He was the best boxer in the world.

There are three character traits about Ali. One trait is Ali was always goofy; he calls the other boxers’ stupid names so he could get them angry. Another trait is that he is polite. His mother said to always forgive people if they do something wrong to you. Ali didn’t fight to hurt, he fought for pride. The last and least trait is determined. He never gave up; if he got hurt he would get up and fight. When the people said "you have to go to war" he wouldn’t. As you can see he is a hero to me.

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