Malcolm Smith

by Brett from Oro Medonte, Canada

Malcom Smith with friends. ( )
Malcom Smith with friends. ( )

Malcolm Smith is a man who has inspired many kids and adults to ride dirt bikes and get into the sport, and persevere in life. He also is an advocate for the law, and is concerned for the welfare of children. Smith Protested against what he considered to be an irrational safety law. He has inspired many kids who are now adults to become very successful in the sport and in the business of motocross.

Smith was born in Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada on March 9th, 1941. Malcolm first started riding dirt bikes at the age of 13. He first raced atop a matchless 500cc motorcycle. His fame grew as he won races in the 1960s and 70s. In his career, Malcolm won approximately 27 medals, eight of which were in the International Six Day Trial, the European cross-country event; three medals he earned in a car. Following his racing career, Malcolm began developing riding gear and tools for motocross with quality and durability in mind. Smith's gold medal products later became Malcolm Smith Racing; now better known as MSR which was purchased by Tucker Rocky Distributing. Malcolm is also featured in 5 movies for his talent and determination.

On March 19th 2009 Mitch Payton and Jeff Ward explained how Malcolm inspired them and what he did for them when they were kids. Jeff Ward said when he was a kid; he and his friends looked up to Malcolm for his talent and kindness. Mitch Payton said his family would drive by Malcolm's shop, and try to run him down for his autograph. "He was an idol to all the kids. He'd always have time to shake your hand, give autographs. He was always so nice to everyone," Mitch said. Malcolm Smith had inspired most of the legends who supported him. All of them grew up to be very successful in the sport. Mitch also said it inspires him that at the age of 68, Malcolm is still riding. Malcolm Smith is truly an inspiration to many people.

Malcolm Smith is clearly a hero and an inspirational man. He has inspired kids that have become very successful adults in the sport. He also does charity work for his schools and orphanages, and for parts of Mexico. Malcolm Smith is a true hero.

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