Mark Zuckerberg

by Soham from San Diego

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"
- Thomas Edison -
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          Edison's views on failure depict Mark Zuckerberg's life; a never-give up attitude, and a willingness to work hard and determinedly on any task. The "prodigy", Mark Zuckerberg, was born on May 14, 1984, in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Zuckerberg at a young age of twelve attained a new interest, programming, where he: "...used Atari BASIC to create a messaging program he named "Zucknet"" (A+E Television Networks). His product proved useful in cross-room communication since his father ran a dental practice attached to the family home. Zuckerberg was academically phenomenal; in high school he decided to transfer from his local public school, Ardsley High, to Philips Exeter Academy. During Zuckerberg's time at Philips Exeter Academy: "...Zuckerberg and fellow student Adam D'Angelo developed a music player that employed artificial intelligence to build customized playlists, calling the product Synapse" (Cameron, Ann). Throughout Zuckerberg's life he faced multiple challenges, and he couldn't solve all of them. Zuckerberg, unlike others, used his failures to his advantage utilizing them as a rough draft.  Because of this, Zuckerberg was able to create his innovative programs. Progressing through school Zuckerberg made the choices he made because of his own intellect. Having multiple contingencies, such as to quit high school, or to join a company that came along, Zuckerberg declined, awaiting the biggest opportunity of all: to be granted admission to Harvard. Zuckerberg entered Harvard in 2002. At Harvard Zuckerberg became known by people around his campus, city, and country as the founder of, which he launched "On Feb. 4, 2004..." (Zuckerberg, Mark, Britannica Biographies). Having success, fame, and fortune is a desirable way to live, but these attributes do not mark a hero. A true hero possesses qualities such as determination, and hard work, as well as being a role model for others. Zuckerberg's success, fame, and fortune originated from his robust determination and hard work pushing himself to become who he is today. Zuckerberg is one of the founding members of a site that countless people have grown fond of:  Zuckerberg was born into an average family but due to his determination and hard work his life changed from ordinary to extraordinary.  Zuckerberg's revolutionary success is mainly a repercussion of his determination and hard work in his younger years when his name was not known by countless people, before

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          Zuckerberg was not perfect; but he was determined, he made many models of his social networking system before one was able to respect his users privacy and allow proper communication. Zuckerberg's previous attempts both were not as notorious as he hoped and were shut down due to unlawful use: "...ran into trouble during his two years there for various programs he wrote and put up on the student computer network at the school. The first, Coursematch, was innocent enough--this merely listed the other students who were enrolled in a class, according to a query search--but the second one,, offered users a chance to rate the attractiveness of fellow students by photo. Facemash lasted just four hours before it was shut down and Zuckerberg was officially reprimanded by the school's administration for unlawfully accessing the Harvard computer system" (Mark Zuckerberg, Newsmakers). Even the prodigy had a few obstacles to overcome before releasing his globally popular network, Zuckerberg had a vision in his mind; he was determined to accomplish it and find an innovative way for people to connect, to do so he spent countless hours in his dorm writing codes for several different products that may fail. Zuckerberg invested plenty of time into his work and refused to give up.  As a result of this determination Zuckerberg finally came out with his idea of the social network. Zuckerberg was now being recognized for the brilliance, dedication, and hard work he invested into Facebook, which made it so vastly popular: "Mark Zuckerberg is a co-founder and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Facebook, a social networking site whose active users number 350 million. In 2009, at the age of twenty-five, Zuckerberg was named one of Forbes magazine's 400 richest Americans, the youngest of this group" (Cameron, Ann). Zuckerberg enhances the idea that anything you set your mind to can become possible; by the actions he carries out in his life, and the time and determination he shows into his work. These characteristics shown by Zuckerberg can be accomplished by anyone.  Zuckerberg was no different than anyone else.  He wasn't born a genius, he worked himself, thereby focusing on school, making the right choices, and dedicating himself to everything he did, doing it at the best of his ability. Mark Zuckerberg with his great success stands as a role model for others who think they cannot do something, throughout his life he was always determined to complete whatever he did no matter what it was, or how difficult.

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          Mark Zuckerberg, otherwise known as "the prodigy", worked his way up through society by the hard work he accomplished in his school, and throughout his life. Zuckerberg wasn't born with the knowledge of everything, but he was born with a characteristic crucial in becoming successful, hard work: "He was writing his own programs by the time he was in sixth grade and proved so talented that after his sophomore year he transferred out of the local public school, Ardsley High, to Philips Exeter Academy" (Mark Zuckerberg, Newsmakers). Aside from Zuckerberg's programming hobbies, he desired a higher education for himself, so he chose to leave his public school Ardsley High and go to Philips Exeter Academy, because "It didn't have a lot of computer courses or a lot of the higher math courses" ("Mark Zuckerberg." Newsmakers). Zuckerberg knew that in order to achieve his dream of attending Harvard he would need to challenge himself and work on his academics.  By challenging himself he was forced to work harder, which then lead to success both in school and his life. Over the next four years he not only exceeded in his academic life, but also advanced his programs to the point where they got him noticed by others: "Both AOL and Microsoft Corporation expressed interest in the product and offered the students jobs within their organizations. Both Zuckerberg and D'Angelo turned the companies down to attend college, with Zuckerberg heading to Harvard." (Cameron, Ann). Even after being offered a job by two major companies, Zuckerberg denied.  He knew how close he was to accomplishing the dream that he spent the last few years working hard to achieve, so he denied the companies allowing all the hard work he went through when switching schools and taking more difficult courses to pay off. Assuming that what he was now capable of was only a starting point, Zuckerberg thought that he had potential to do much more if he went to college, rejecting a few paychecks for an opportunity for a higher education. Throughout Zuckerberg's life he set goals for himself and no matter how intense it was, his hard work helped him attain his goal, showing us that working hard towards what you want to be successful in allows it to become more reachable.

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          Born as a regular child yet working his way up to be one of the youngest billionaires alive, Zuckerberg lives by values of dedication, and hard work. All his life Zuckerberg never gave up.  He continued to try until he succeeded.  After failing multiple times Zuckerberg refused to give up and because of his determination, and hard work he is now the CEO of one of the largest social networking websites. I myself am a strong believer of being able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.  Iam truly inspired by Zuckerberg's life, encouraging me to do the best of my abilities. I believe, that a hero should always work hard; Zuckerberg, ever since his middle school days has been working hard in his academic and personal innovative life. Zuckerberg will always be a role model of mine due to the determination he showed to his work, and how he never "followed the crowd"; he made his choices because he enjoyed doing it or wanted to challenge himself. Most people, when they think of Thomas Edison, they think of him as the inventor of the light bulb and a brilliant person, but when people think of Zuckerberg, to them he is only the inventor of  Though this is true for many people there are a few people who honor Zuckerberg for his hard work, determination, and look at him as a role model.  However others decide to view Zuckerberg, I will always consider Zuckerberg as a modern day hero.

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