Mark Richard Casagrande

by Candace Casagrande

Mark was born on July 22. He attended Malcolm Munroe and then he went off to Riverview High. He graduated from Riverview and went on to work at Harris and Roome. In 1996, Mark was diagnosed with cancer. He lived for 2 years with cancer and died on May 20, 1998.

Strong will-

An example of Mark being strong willed was after his first treatment of chemotherapy. When he came home for the very first time, my brother and I were afraid of him because he looked like a totally different person. We wanted to know what Mom had done with Dad but then he was saying he was our dad and then we were not scared when we heard him talk to us. It must have been pretty hard to come home after being in Halifax for a while and his own children not know who he was. `


An example of my dad being determined when he had leukemia near the time he knew he was going to die he wanted stay alive to see my little brother turn 5. And he did. He died on May 20, 1998 and my brother turned 5 on May 17, 1998.


Mark was very brave; he lived for two years with leukemia and fought through. There was a few times he was doing really badly but he just kept his hopes up and lived for a while after that. When he died, he was ready for it and went with peace.

In conclusion, my dad had a very strong will and was very determined to do well in the short life time he had, and he was very brave to do so. These are all traits of a hero, and that is why he is my hero.

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