Mrs. Mignosa

by Caitlin from Laguna Beach

Mrs. Mignosa and her friends at her wedding (Mrs. Mignosa)
Mrs. Mignosa and her friends at her wedding (Mrs. Mignosa)

My hero is Mrs. Mignosa because she helps me with important things, and I get to stay after school with her and she takes me home just to help me raise my spelling grade.

Mrs. Mignosa is the best teacher ever in the world. She has funny jokes and tells us stories about her family. Most of the time they're funny and sometimes they're sad, but we still like to hear them. She even lets us share our funny stories with the class. Here are some funny things she tells us about: her grandfather in the war, her new dog “BUDDY,” her sisters and her brother, and, last but not least, her two fat cats.

Mrs. Mignosa was born in Santa Ana, California. When she was growing up she lived in Mission Viejo. She works at TOP OF THE WORLD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. She is important to me because she helps me understand the meanings of words, reading, spelling, and the short cuts to math. Now after all the work, my grades have been going up because of my teacher, Mrs. Mignosa.

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