by Leah from Blackstone Valley Prep

One of my heroes is my mom because when I was sick I was seven years old. I did not feel good I couldn't move, sleep stand, eat and my hands were hurting and I was so upset because I couldn't play with my friends or even go to my grandma's house so I had to stay home and my mom made me soup and gave me an ice pack then she took me to the doctors and I had to get a shot and my mom helped me up the stairs and gave me medicine and put me in the bath then I got out and put shorts and a t-shirt on than she gave me chicken noodle soup. Than after I was done she had a present for me and I was so happy. My mom got me the movie Tangled, it was so awesome. We laid down and watch the movie. I felt a little better then my mom gave me more and I felt much better and I got to go back outside.

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