Gaia Moore

by Tess from San Diego

Gaia Moore is a fictional character from the series Fearless by Francine Pascal. Gaia Moore is fearless. When she was born she had no fear gene and so she will never know what it is like to feel fear. Her father taught her how to defend herself she is a sharpshooter is fluent in 7 different languages she can flip a 200-pound man over her shoulder. Gaia is a walking ambush but there are many more things in her life besides being fearless that she overcomes.

Gaia Moore is my hero because she can overcome almost everything that comes her way. She has lost her mother because her uncle killed her and then her father left her. She has also lost the only best friend she ever had and her only boy friend all because her uncle wants to get to her so he can clone her then sell the clones. Gaia Moore is my hero because she is brave even though she doesn't know it, also because she is strong but not only is she strong physically but she is also strong mentally. Gaia Moore is my hero because she can overcome everything that comes her way.

Gaia Moore lives in New York. Where she leads her sad lonely life. Gaia has lived in many places but she is currently living in New York. Gaia has had to live with many foster parents and has spent many nights alone in Washington Square Park. In the first books Gaia lives with the Nivens in their brownstone in New York. In books 19-21 Gaia lives with Natasha and Tatiana in there apartment but in the end of book 21 Gaia gets kicked out where Gaia will go then I don't know yet but it should be interesting because she has no family to turn to. Gaia has been able to live in all conditions.

Gaia Moore lives in the current time. Her sad life takes place in the 20th century. She lives in the 1990's with her enemies, which she has many of. Gaia runs from the present looking for the past when her mother and father were there with her and they were all one happy family.

Gaia Moore is important to me because she taught me that even if life gives you the worst you can still deal. Even if everyone is out to get you and you have lost the only people that mean anything to you, you can still get through your life. You can still deal with the hand the you were dealt. Gaia has taught me that you can be brave without knowing it you can be strong in the worst situations. She has taught me to never give up and to always look on the bright side. Gaia has taught me that your life doesn't have to be the best for you to still live it to the fullest. And for this Gaia is my hero.

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