Young Heroes

Mostar Kids

by Kathryn from Mostar

I want to present some kids from Mostars as true heroes. These kids come on their own each week to an art class after school in the Pavarotti center, taking the initiative to develop their creativity in a city where free creativity and art are not encouraged. I asked the kids who their heroes were, and we found that it was first necessary to discuss the meaning of the word. What is a hero?? Two kids took time after the discussion to write about their heroes. Stay tuned, we hope to add more heroes of Mostarian kids to this page in the coming weeks!

Ema with her hero story
Ema with her hero story

Moj mačak je moj heroj zato što kad mi je beba brat, nervozan pitoni. Mačak Riki dodje da se igra s njim. Tako ga zabavi. –Ema Meškić
[My cat is my hero because when my brother was a baby, he was scared of pets. Riki the Cat came to play with him anyway and that’s how he had fun.]

 (Dino and his hero story)
(Dino and his hero story)

Moj heroj je tata. On uvijek mene štiti kada me neko udara i kada sam bolestan, on se uvijek brine o meni. –Dino Memić
[My hero is my dad. He always protects me when someone hits me and when I am sick, he always takes care of me.]

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