The Ville

by Matthew and Mina from Antioch

The Ville ( (Matthew Quarles and Minna))
The Ville ( (Matthew Quarles and Minna))

Mrs. Linville is our hero. She's a lead teacher at Knowledge Academies (Charter School in Antioch, TN). Mrs. Linville has been a Zoologist, a Biologist and many other things I can't list. Yep! She's certified! She has been our science teacher from grades 6th through 8th. In these years, she has made us excited about education with fun. If you ask any other student, you would get the same thing. Mrs. Linville is the best teacher ever!

Do each of us know why she's important?... Mrs. Linville's important to us because she's given us education that others could only dream of. She is not only important to us but is also changing our lives. I'm sure of that. She has encouraged us to not give up in times where we might have. If not for her, high school physical science credit class would not be available and that is important for college.

Mrs. Linville allows us to think creatively and solve some problems on our own. Sometimes, she gives us scientific scenarios and real world problems to discuss in groups to solve. She makes sure that everyone's interests are included in projects. Don't you think that's awesome! What other teacher consider students in this way?

Mrs. Linville is fair. If you do something wrong, she would talk to you about it. She is not soft by any means. If you do something bad, you will get written up. She doesn't show favorites, everyone is expected to be great. During projects, anyone can present in no particular order.

Mrs. Linville ((Selfie))
Mrs. Linville ((Selfie))

As you can see Mrs. Linville is a very important person and a hero to us. You can also see that she's a great teacher. She became a teacher, which has a very low salary, just to educate us. That alone shows that she is pure of heart and a very nice person. She commands respect through listening and engaging us. There is no boring/ down time. Mrs. Linville, THE HERO...The Ville!

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