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Hua Mulan, a legendary warrior princess

by Malvina from LE TEIL

Hua Mulan ( ())
Hua Mulan ( ())

Mulan is the heroine of a Chinese legend. China was invaded by Ruanruan and the Chinese army recruited a man in every family. Mulan was an only child who had only her father for family and refused that he went to war because he was seriously injured (wounded in another war). The night before the departure of the men of his village, she decided to cut her hair herself, to take the armor and the sword of her father as well as her faithful horse.

At the beginning in the army, she had difficulties hiding her real identity. The life of a man was very different from hers. She fought in the battle successfully; she became even General of the Army with a man for whom she had a lot of respect.

After a battle which went very badly, the son of emperor (the general) went to the other side in exchange for doctors helping his soldiers. She managed to enter the opposite army. At this moment everything was decisive: it would be either death or victory. In your opinion? Mulan plotted with the opposite princess, angry with a leader in her own army.

She helped Mulan on the condition of getting married to the son of the emperor so that the country would be at peace. Madly in love with the emperor Mulan accepted nevertheless because she was supposed to be a man. With the help of the princess she killed the opposite leader, and the country was finally at peace.

For me, Mulan is a heroine. She risked her life in the fights with her secret (being a woman) to save the life of her beloved father. In spite of her secret, she didn't reveal it to other warriors. She saw her friends dying one after the other and it affected her seriously. She was wounded in the place of her father, saw the worst in the place of her father. All this for love. For her country she let the man of her life leave without hesitation. She was incapable to disappoint her country but especially her father. Mulan is a heroine. Furthermore she was a very pretty woman!

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