Aimee Mullins

by Mario from North Carolina

A hero overcomes difficulties; they try to help other people or inspire them to be their best, be different and make the world a better place. Aimee Mullins beats the odds, she has a positive attitude, and she also leads by example. She was born with Fibular hemimelia. She had both legs amputated when she was one year old. Later she got some wooden legs. She played sports with her disabilities and she did not show any problems because of her wooden legs.

Aimee Mullins beats the odds. She heard of a program for disabled kids to join a sport. She got angry about it but she went anyway. When she got there, almost everyone had only one leg amputated and they had metal legs. She made the team for students with disabilities. People with both legs amputated were not supposing to try out for the team. Only people with only one real leg were allowed to be on the team.

one day her coach told her to run the 200meter race. She took the challenge, but when she was racing one of her legs came loose and fell off and then she fell and lost the race. This did not stop her from competing. People said nasty words about her because she hade no legs she did not do anything but instead she showed them that she can do what other people can do. With her positive attitude she made world records for people with disabilities.

She also leads by example. Aimee does not let her disability get in the way of her dreams. She does not stop trying to get better on her running. She is showing everyone that you don’t need real legs to move forward. She shows people with disabilities that even if they've got no leg, legs, arm, arms they can be good in something whether it's sports or other things.

People can try to stop Aimee from dreaming to be the best but she will keep going till the day she dies. She leads by example, she has a positive attitude. Also, she has defeated the odds of life. She still has a lot of things to show the world. That is why I think and know she is a hero. The most important reason I chose her was not because she had a hard life, it was because she did not let that stop her.

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