Zach's Grandmother Myra

by Zack from Montreal

My grandmother Myra is a very dedicated woman. Once she sets her mind on something, then there’s no stopping her. In this case, that’s a good thing because to do what she did requires extreme dedication.

My grandmother is very close to her family. She’s probably the most loved member of the family. She’s kind, considerate and very generous. She adores dogs, especially Basset hounds. She’s extremely helpful wherever she goes. She also loves to cook (she’s not bad either). She’s the kind of person who will change her entire day’s plan in order to make someone she loves happy. She calls all of her grandchildren every single day. She always cares if we’re upset for any reason.

She was born in Montreal, Canada. Her mother died of cancer in her forties and her father wasn’t very supportive of her and her siblings. Because of this, my grandmother became extremely close with her sister Rhea. Today, they are the best of friends. They tell each other everything. My grandmother has three children, two daughters and a son. Her son lives in Israel, and her daughters live here. She also has a younger brother who she’s also close with.

Early in her life, my grandmother was a little chubby and she was picked on for it. Because she missed her mother so much, she turned to food for false love. Throughout the years she became more overweight. Like most people, my grandmother was not happy with her weight, but she never really did anything about it either. She had a close friend whom she loved dearly that once told her that she needed to do something about her weight if she didn’t want to die. Her extra weight caused her to have health problems. She had a stroke and heart problems and spent many years in a wheelchair. My grandmother decided enough was enough. She joined Weight Watchers and followed their plan. She started to see improvement. After a little while she completely abandoned all fatty foods and sweets. Soon after, she became committed to their plan and started losing weight very quickly. She lowered her portions of food considerably, and avoided a lot of carbohydrates and other things like that.

In the end she was very satisfied. She dropped over two hundred pounds and didn’t need her wheelchair anymore. Because of the experience she went through, she helps other people to slim down. Also because she knows how it feels to be overweight, she’s now a nutrition counselor. She knows more about food’s effect on health than anyone I know.

My grandmother taught me an invaluable lesson. Because of her dedication and perseverance, I’ve learned that no matter how tough a situation looks or how impossible it seems, if there’s a will, there’s a way. She has to be the most dedicated person I know. She never stops something when she’s in the middle. If someone asks her a question and she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll spend the whole day trying to figure it out. She is and always will be my hero.

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