Nkosi Johnson

by Carrigan from Columbus

My hero is Nkosi Johnson. He was born in 1989 and was born infected with AIDS. He was a young boy who showed courage, honesty, compassion, and determination. He chose to help everyone who was infected with AIDS.

Nkosi Johnson became an AIDS activist at a very young age. He spoke out against the unfair treatment of men and women infected with AIDS. He lived in South Africa and grew up in a town close to his real mother. Raised in foster care, Nkosi had to watch his mother, and many others, die from AIDS.

Being born with AIDs gave Nkosi many challenges. He was rejected by the principal at a public school because of AIDS. His foster mother had to take this case to the public before he could attend school. After a while he started to speak out. He decided all children should be children and adults should be treated like adults, even with AIDS. He reached out for help and reached his goals by opening a shelter for young children infected with AIDS. He was twelve when he died after living nine years longer than doctors expected.

Nkosi inspired me by showing me that nothing is impossible. He not only surpassed doctor's expectations, but he also used that time for others instead of himself. I learned that I can do anything as long as I'm determined, brave, and use my talents for others.

Nkosi Johnson ended up touching the hearts of others. Not only did he stand up for others with AIDS, but he also made an example of using his talents. His quote of a lifetime is "You can't get AIDS through holding hands, hugging, or kissing someone who is infected, so accept us, love us, we're human beings too." He said this because we outcast people and don't try to help them.

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