Nelson Mandela

by Hannah

Nelson Mandela  ( (Galligo images ))
Nelson Mandela ( (Galligo images ))

Activist, brave, leader to all, Nelson Mandela was many things. Nelson grew up in South Africa, where many darker skinned people lived. A small number of white people lived there too, and they controlled the country. Strict laws kept white and black people apart, but the resources black people had were far from equal. Sound familiar? Nelson was given the name "Nelson" to him from a teacher, but he was originally named Rolihlahla, which means " Tree Shaker." Nelson was elected to be president of the democratic South Africa in 1994, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Nelson observed many things from an early age, like how tribal leaders settled arguments. He was sentenced to life in prison earlier in his life, but ended staying there for 27 years. I think all of the ups and downs in Nelson Mandela's life made him who he was, and let him do incredible things. My hero is Nelson Mandela, because of his bravery, leadership, and because he fought for equal rights.

Nelson Mandela fought for equal rights. At the time, darker skinned people were seen as not real people. White people saw them as second class citizens, not real people and they were treated as less than real people because of the color of their skin. Many darker skinned people were scared to speak up, but Nelson took that chance. He had wanted to be the voice for the voiceless, and speak up when others were afraid. Nelson knew what would become of him, but he realized that he could make a difference. That's what makes a hero to me. The more Nelson stood up against injustice, other people started to stand up too. They just wanted rights for themselves. rights that most people take for granted every day. Nelson Mandela stood up for simple rights for black people. I think standing up when there were very bad consequences takes bravery, a sense of leadership, and be a fighter for equal rights.

One of Nelson's strongest traits that really shined through him was that he was a leader. He was a leader for most of his life. Nelson Mandela was elected to be president of the democratic South Africa in 1994, and co-founded the ANC youth league in 1944. When things started to get out of hand, the ANC was banned. I think most people didn't think people of color would stand up, because they lived in fear. I think leaders inspire people with their actions, and Nelson definitely inspired people. I think Nelson, like most people, stood up to be a leader because they had a choice:to be a bystander, or stand up for what is right.

Equally important, Nelson was brave. It takes guts to stand up for something you believe in to people with more power than you. The people that stood by while the injustice happened wanted to help, but a lot of people were afraid. People saw Nelson's actions and he inspired people, and started something: new people started demanding for rights even when they were afraid. Nelson started to fight harder for rights, and was thrown into jail. Over a time span of five months, 8,000 black people were thrown into jail for protesting. Even though the consequences were bad, Nelson had started something good: people were fighting for their rights, even when they were afraid.

In conclusion, Nelson Mandela was a hero. He inspired people around the world to be brave and take a stand for what you believe in, even when afraid. I think he had a very good influence on people because whenever he was brave, other people would believe they could stand up too. A hero is someone that will take chances and inspire people with their actions. He was a brave leader, who fought for equal rights even when no one else would. Nelson put other people's needs before his own, even if it meant putting himself on the line. He spent his life getting equal rights for black people. That is why Nelson Mandela is my hero, because he inspired me.

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