Nick Vujicic

by Evan from San Diego

Evan Padilla

Mrs. Thompson
HSE.2 P.3

Loss is a part of  life, which we will grow and learn from everyday. Losses can come in many different forms including a loved one, or in some cases your limbs. Nick Vujicic was born in 1982 in Melbourne,Australia, without any arms and legs. His birth was filled with disappointment and hardships however, it was his great determination and his will power to care for others to take him to where he is now. He put his faith in God and now continually travels all around the world to talk to organizations about his life story. Putting his faith in God, Vujicic is determined to help every individual with a problem because knowing from his own experience it could cause lots of pain.  He cares for everyone around which makes him one of the most deserving heroes I have ever heard of by helping them understand the meaning of life.he proves that anyone with any condition can do anything they desire if they put their mind to it.

Vujicic shows great determination due to his non stop integrity of living life to the fullest. Even though, witheing born without any limbs he still does everyday things and more importantly shares his story with many people."vujicic born without any limbs decides to talk to many people about his story."(On a Mission) Vujicic was a baby that had the 1 and billion chance against him. However, he took that and said do your worst as I will do mine. What makes him a man is what he did when that storm hit. People now know him not only as a disabled man but a man that changed millions of lives."Vujicic always puts others first." Vujicic most of his day goes to schools or other organizations to talk about his life. He doesn't get paid very much much but he loves turning people's life around by giving them hope."In fact, he soon became able to type on a computer, swim, and play sports. In his teenage years his peers began to accept him and he was elected captain of his school."(cooper).He basically started a Web site to encourage many bedridden children. Though Vujicic couldn't play sports because of his condition he didn't take that as an answer. He was determined to be the best he could be and wanted to excel in everything he did. He later as time went on earned acceptance from his peers and became the captain of his school. he joined the swim team and learned how to use the computer. He was determined to be the best he could be and didn't want his peers all around the world a from giving up."(Ho) Vujicic as a kid was teased and put into depression by his peers because of his condition. he was born without any limbs which caused him to be teased and feeling bad about life. However, as he grew up he find acceptance by his peers and is living life to the fullest.

Nick Vujicic not only was determined but he cared for everyone he laid eyes on.He is also a great evangelist and has preached in many countries. He has a personal assistant who helps him do several other tasks."When I'm on the road touring, I have a friend called Vaughan Turkinton. He is my right hand man full time carer and my assistant.''(Ho). Vujicic got many help for his condition from the people and wanted to give back. Since he was a big religious man he was an evangelist and spread the word of god. He took time out of his life and traveled all around the world to spread his ideas and impacted many lives.He stated in an interview posted on the Web site for the Life without Limbs nonprofit agency,"I came to realize that He could use my condition and circumstances, for His glory. That gave me a fresh perspective. ... If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then he wanted to share his circumstances of life. He created a non-profit organization to help people with He will certainly use any willing heart!"(Cooper). Nick not only wanted to spread his religious ideas but his dangerous conditions. He raised thousands of dollars and his organization is still up and running today. "If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!"(Cooper). He believes that god has made a plan for him to use his condition to help people. This ties in with traveling all around the world to spread his ideas and help people with conditions that are fatal and might be dangerous to the body. He is a big religious man and believes god is all around us and cares about everyone. Vujicic helps people all round the world including inspiring  me to be the best I can be.

A man born hopeless without any limbs or arms to an international hero who is influencing the world day by day. Nick Vujicic is an inspiration for many people including me. He shows great determination and  he has cared for others so far in his life to make him one of the most influential individual I have ever heard of. He proved as old statement which said,"Every single person that God made is completed with talents,"(Mita ). Vujicic has proved himself worthy of this quote by using his talent of inspiring the world by traveling all around the world talking to many organizations. He cares for others by taking time out of his life to share his life story and is determined to make every individual have a positive outlook on life. Over the years, Vujicic has defeated the word, impossible by accomplishing everyday tasks that was not known to man with his condition. This inspires me because it shows me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and nothing is impossible.

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