Nick Vujicic

by Claire from Taipei

He is a warrior. He fights with his fate. And he fights with his disablement. The attitude of how he regards his handicap and the courage he embraces his defect are the biggest reason to push him as my hero. And he is the man without limbs---Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in 1982. The day he was born, fated that he is different from others. The difference of Nick Vujicic made him a target for the bullies from other students and it also brought him a severe depression. He attempted suicide when he was eight, and he even tried to drown himself in the bathtub when he was ten. But his love for his parents accompanies him to walk out the low tide of his life.

Then the turning point of Nick Vujicic's life came. That day, his mother showed him an article in the newspaper which was about a man who dealt with a grave disability. He finally realized that he was not unique of struggling in the sadness of disabled. He changed his attitude of his lack of limbs, and he began to accept the fault in his life. He figured out that his self-experience may be a good event to inspire others who also struggled in the grief of being disabled.

Nick Vujicic started to adapt to his life without limbs. Actually, he did a great job on using his mouth or toes to write and typing. You might be shocked that he could type 45 words in a minute! And these are not everything he could do, he could throw a tennis ball, use a calculator, play a drum and even sky dive! Now, he gives speeches and shares his story. He becomes a celebrity and a life fighter that we should never forget.

His event inspired us that no matter how you are, if you always have a positive attitude and a heart of never giving up, you may succeed one day.

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