Natalie V. Zucker

Celebration of Life
1917 - 2011

Natalie was a youthful nonagenarian who believed life should be lived always opening new doors. Her life passions included a career as a Naval officer in the WAVES, a clinical psychologist, an innovative philanthropist and an active community volunteer. She continued many of these activities until she died, March 15, 2011, despite her limited mobility the last two years.

Natalie was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota where she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in psychology. Her life path brought her to San Francisco in the Navy where she met a surgeon who would be the love of her life, Ozzie Zucker. They settled in Southern California for fifty adventurous years and built a hacienda together amidst avocado groves, raising their only child along with a menagerie of animals. When Ozzie died, Natalie moved to Laguna Beach to be close to her daughter, Judy, her son-in-law, Doug, and her two beloved grandchildren, Matthew and Jonathan. Having her family close by for daily visits or fun vacations was a source of great joy and comfort. She even had a Facebook page so she could communicate with her grandsons in the more modern way!

Close to her heart was her involvement over the last decade leading a therapy group at Shanti and lecturing in Spanish on famous artists at Thurston Middle school. A generosity of spirit and valuing of education motivated her to set up scholarship funds, to reward gifted students and to honor excellent teachers. To inspire women, Natalie created a research center for women scientists at two university medical centers. She remained active in two book clubs, a Spanish group and as a docent at the Laguna Art Museum. Her vitality and sharp mind until the very end gave us all the hope that she would just go on forever.

She has shown us all how to open new doors at whatever age. We must sadly say good bye as she closed her final door.

Ode/Owed to Billy Collins
No matter it is not iambic pentameter
Or seventeen measured syllables of haiku
Or that the last line slides down the page
To end in a breathless sigh.
I close the book I have worked on
For two years, plumbing the depths of
My psyche, to give form and spirit to
The emerging newborn I have become.
Lying on the floor around me are the skins
Of self-deception and denial I have shed,
Gossamer and ready, to be blown away by the wind
Making room for the soft, pink, beautiful skin
I always knew was there.
Natalie Zucker

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