by Githa from Jakarta

Hero is not just someone who rescues you from suffering. Someone who creates a work also can be called a HERO.

Nidji is an Indonesian band which formed in February 2002. What does “NIDJI” mean actually? “NIDJI” is a modification from a Japanese word ‘Niji’ which means RAINBOW. The reason they picked this name is because each members in the band came from different background and musical taste. Punk, new wave, jazz, you name it! But, they all agree that they stay in Britpop way. At first, people didn’t recognize them and didn’t really enjoy their music but with all their hard work, people finally noticed them and started enjoying their music.

The band, whose members are Giring (vocal), Ariel (guitar), Rama (guitar), Andro (bass), and Adri (drum), has released three albums. The first album titled “Breakthru’“, which was released in May 2006, got platinum and even double platinum. The second album is not actually a new album because it is the English version of the first album. The goal of making this album is so people from all over the world could accept them. What is so unique about this album is that they made all new lyrics not the translation from Indonesian to English. The achievement from this album is one of the songs, “Heaven”, became a soundtrack from TV series “Heroes” season one in Asia. Nidji also joined the A-Mild Sondrenaline tour called “Sound of Change” and had been chosen as “The Band who Perform the Best Changes”. As a reward, they got a trip to Paris to watch “The Police” concert. Nidji beat other Indonesian bands such as Peterpan, Slank, Ada Band, Gigi, Ungu, etc.

The third album is the newest one. It was released in November 2007. Nidji titled the album “TOP UP”. Why? Because they wish they could get more success in music industry. The making process of this album is pretty short, about 6 months. After hearing all the album, you will find a different sound from the first/second album, most of the songs are more cheerful because they explored their music and tried something new and different. In this album, you can find 9 Indonesian songs and 3 English songs. Since it’s launching, it has been sold almost 10.000 copies.

Their first single “Biarlah” has seated at no.1 position in TV and radio music chart. Their second single, “Arti Sahabat”, has become the MTV Staying Alive theme song. MTV Staying Alive is an event conducted by MTV Indonesia to celebrate the world AIDS day in 1st December 2007. They also become the AIDS ambassador for MTV Indonesia.

NIDJI in Action!
NIDJI in Action!

Nidjiholic is a calling for Nidji fans club. I also have been the member of this community since November 2007. Nidjiholic’s basecamp is located in Pancoran, Jakarta and its aim is to tighten the bond between each members and Nidji members, too. This club was born in September 2007 and had conducted social project called “Nidjiholicare for Sidoarjo”. They sold T-shirt in the internet and other places to raise money for Sidoarjo mud flood victims.

Why Nidji become my hero? Because they perform spirit of change, not only in music but also in social activity. Even though they’re very famous, they’re humble and treat their fans nicely (and also to me!). Moreover, their songs make me feel optimistic and have spirit in living my life. Nidji is definitely MY HERO!

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