Nkosi Johnson

by Darlene from Wyoming

We Are All The Same
<a href=>Nkosi Johnson as a Young boy</a>
Nkosi Johnson as a Young boy

My Book, "We are all the Same," is about a young boy, Nkosi Johnson, an African boy who had AIDS. When Nkosi Was born, he was infected with an HIV virus called AIDS. The young boy was given only a few years to live.

Before his mother died she set up Nkosi to live in an AIDS Hospital. She died and he lived in this hospital for many years. No one thought he was going to make it. Soon the hospital when bankrupt. Everyone was for sure Nkosi was going die but not one nurse. She was so sure she could raise this boy, give him everything he needed, and he could make it through life.

<a href=>Nkosi and his foster Mother</a>
Nkosi and his foster Mother

Nkosi had so much courage and his mother loved him so much, he stuck it out and set examples for other people making them all feel like something even when then felt like nothing. He made people believe he was going to live, and others believe they could stick it out. He did. He stuck it out as long as he could.

But it wasn't long enough. He couldn't stick it out. And he didn’t make it. At 11 years old Nkosi died of his AIDS. But that boy had so much courage, even enough to change other peoples lives, and his own. His mother had so much love for him and was one of the main reasons he survived

Many people didn't know that one small boy could be so outgoing and confident and have so much courage. With the courage and love he had from his mother, I believe he would have never made it without her. I believe he was a hero because of all the things he did for people when he was struggling to live himself. Nkosi Johnson believed he was set to help other people. He never lived to tell his own story but other people saw so much, they knew this young boy was a hero.

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