by Tamaisjiae from Inman

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Nursing is a lifestyle, not only a job
Nursing is done by many no longer on the clock
To school children screaming as a sore knee throbs
And even to the patients in pain and in shock
A nurse isn't just caring they're selfless most of all
From the hours to the wages they're not benefitting at all
When you're rushing into surgery you won't worry alone
There's someone helping the doctor be sure you're returning home
When children are in the hospital and their parents go on home
It's nurses that protect them from monsters under beds
When they miss their friends and miss their home and their thoughts begin to roam
A nurse is there to encourage them that their life is soon ahead
A nurse may not have fire or capes but hero is in their blood
They can be your only friend when fate leaves you in the mud
Each hero deserves acknowledgement for all that they have done
And i remember who bandaged my knee and Superman wasn't the one
So in my eyes each nurse to day have finally won

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